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Monday, February 25, 2008

Featured Artist - Cserpent Designs

Now this is one beautiful shop you will be amazed at the variety of stunning pieces and created with a level of skill that can only impress!!!

The store owner is Susan a lover of scuba diving (as am I).

She started jewelry making when one of her soccer (or if you're English as I am football) teammates got her to go to a wirewrapping class with her. She made my first bracelet in that class. Next having seen a beaded watch band in a magazine and figured she could expand on that idea and make herself a cool beaded watch band in PURPLE! (my favorite color).

After a series of other classes Susan is still making and enjoying jewelry and has been doing so for 4 years. Her designs are also for sale at a gallery in La Jolla, CA - Gili Anna.

So come take a look at Susans store you wont be the first or the last person to be impressed by her work

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