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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Trading on Etsy

I have recently found that trading is rife on etsy and what a fantastic idea.

It's as easy as a dollar for dollar exchange of goods. You find something you like in someones store and ask if they'd like to swap it for something in your store for the same value.

All costs are compared and any difference is either made up with a little something extra or by a small payment to the relevant parties paypal account.

Etsy are haapy, they still get their commission and listing fees and you're happy because you got something you possibly could not otherwise afford.

Marvellous for all parties. So what have I been up to lately. Well trading of course. So far I've done 4 trades. I've received items from one of them already and thought I'd show what I traded and what I got in return.

In this instance the seller approached me because she liked this pair of earrings

and I got these

She's an absolutely lovely lady and I hope she likes her earrrings as much as I like my cards. Why not visit her store you might just see something you like

I'll show you what else I get from trading as it happens

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Clearance Sale

***** Moving Sale *********************************************
25% off Crystal Jewellery, discount is already reflected in the published price. All discounted items can be found in the new Clearance section of my store.

We are in the throws of moving house and that combined with the fact that focus of my jewelry making has changed means that
now seems like a good time to clear out the old to make room for the new.