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Friday, April 25, 2008


At the instigation of Esther ( a new team has been formed.

Members all live in and around Brisbane and sell quality items on Etsy.

The aim of the group is to promote our businesses and to help support each other along the way.

Many of the members have already met but next weekend will my first change to get together with them for a face to face chat. I'm so looking forward to it and I really hope they bring along some of their wares. They truly are Artists in every sense of the word.

I'll take some happy snaps when I meet them all.


Grace said...

Toni, This is a wonderful, wonderful collection of Australian Artists and their beautiful creations. I wish them all great success. Blessings, Bev

Grace said...

Toni, Third try. This is a wonderful site with fantastic Australian artists. I am so glad that you got this group showing started. I have saved the site for future use. God bless and great success to everyone. Beverly Jane

rubyredstudios said...

Toni this my first visit to your blog for along time an it looks fabulous - you're an inspiration xh