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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My workspace

Good morning all, it's rather cold here at the moment but the sun is shining and all is right with the world.
I though today I'd take you for a bit of a tour around my work area, these pictures were taken quite a while ago and it's by no means this tidy now. That's what comes of using things and buying more tools etc etc. Anyway, I hope you find this interesting
My beautiful work bench made by my wonderful husband for my birthday last year

In addition to the things shown above I have cabinets and shelves of beads findings etc. I originally included the pictures here but thought they'd bore you to tears.

The little white box under the desk lets me use all the tools that I've 'temporarily' borrowed from my husband. He bought them when he still lived in the US so we have to change the power used.

Here's a picture of the first thing I made at the bench, infact I think it's the first piece of jewellery I made solely out of metal. It's only really a practise piece for textures and no where near good enough to wear but you'll get the idea

I'll publish a few of my more inspired (if you can call them that) pieces over the next few weeks

Well that's all for today


Happy House Quilts said...

Oh my baby would have a field day in that space...i'm so jealous!!! Mine is a disaster in my bedroom and today it all moved down to the kitchen while the baby slept and the 2 oldest went out to a movie with a mommy friend...and her kids. I love the should seriously repeat the process but kick it up a notch or two...i looks great in copper? Silver would be stunning too!!! Welcome to the group! Jodi

Get Silvered said...

Toni, I'm so jealous of your workspace. Mine's still portable - meaning I move things from the meals area table to the kitchen bench - sometimes even the coffee table!
Beautiful copper bracelet too!

rubyredstudios said...

Wanna come over and do a 'workspace blitz' on my place Toni?? I keep looking into the picture and discovering all the fab tools that you have. Dreaeeam dream dream dream x x