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Monday, July 16, 2007

At long last

Well at long last I've started working on my blog.

I've been a real slacker, with 2 babies it's pretty hard to find the time to make and list things on etsy let alone keep a blog up todate.

I've made myself a bit of a promise of late, to keep my etsy store stocked and uptodate and to work on marketing it. It's easy for me to sit on my behind and say sob sob poor old me I haven't sold anything but there's nothing I can do about it.

Well balderdash, of course there's something I can do. Market myself and my jewellery. I love making it and use every spare moment to make something new and pick up new skills so I should jolly well find some spare moments to sell it and that's what I'm doing!!

I've recently jointed an Etsy Street Team called etsymoms and they're really supported and have heaps of information so...............

Wish me luck, lets see if I can't sell something before the end of the month
Bye for now


Happy House Quilts said...

You put a smile on my face! I started EtsyMom just for the same reasons you joined...welcome aboard! Now let's go sell some stuff!!! Hopefully the holidays will be a blast...get your packaging and shpping in order now for the bonanza!!! Jodi

Angela said...

Great new blog! Welcome! Ilov etsy moms too.
I love seeing people's workspaces also.
Good to meet you!