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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yayyyyy They Ate Everything

Sorry no smart pitures today or anything but lately I've been trying to think of an original them for daily posts. Absolutely nothing comes to mind and with a 5yo girl and a 4yo boy every day is a revelation. Especially since Maddy (5yo girl) has started in Prep.

If your kids have been through Prep are or in Prep I'm sure you know what I mean. The quiet, nicely spoken young lady that you have nurtured for the last 4-5 years has started picking up a heap of bad habits.

1) Your carefully constructed, balanced meal lunch box, that once came home empty from playschool, now comes home hardly touched from school because there simply wasn't enough time to play and eat.

2) The words that you took care for them to enunciate have suddenly turned to absolutely meaningless phrases.

3) They have to do what their teachers say, not you.

4) They've behaved all day at school so shouldn't have to at home.

5) Last and not least, they have missed their sibling so much that they have to play, chat and do anything other than eat at dinner time.

The last is the reason for my post, I have struggled and struggled to get my children to eat their dinner within 1hr for weeks now and for the first time in what seems like an age they have. YAYYYYYYYYYYY. What did I feed them????

Well here it is, not very exciting but well accepted:
1) Mushroom and Tomato Flan
2) Potato salad, dressed with mayonnaise and grain mustard
3) Mixed salad including, lettuce (from the garden), tomatoes (from the garden), advocado, cucumber and capsium (red pepper)

I'm happy to share the recipes so email me if you're intested, for the purposes of this post they're not really important. This post is really just to share the small wins of motherhood.

In addition to the above I would also like to share that my daughter received an award for good behaviour today, they're quite frequent in Prep but always an absolute delight.



Jill said...

Glad to hear today was a good day!! Your post makes me remember when my girls (now grown) were little!

Mattos said...

very nice, hope to see more posts

I too understand the school thing ugh, sending my last one this fall.

Amanda said...

sounds yummy - not sure i would have eaten that as a kid though! no rice, no meat, almost all veggies! :P