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Thursday, September 27, 2007

WOW I've been Tagged

Until today I didn't know there was such a thing!!

I was tagged by GirlsBeadedSocks! Now I have to share six unique things about myself with all of you, whether you are interested in hearing them or not! Then, I am on to tag six other people and force them to do the same! Hey forcing other people to do the same is what I like!!!

1) I hate housework, cleaning, ironing, washing etc but absolutely adore cooking as long as it's something complicated

2) I had a hernia at the age of 11 and the doctor said I had a boys name and a boys complaint

3) I waited until a couple of years ago to break a bone and managed to break my wrist playing with the dog in the garden, I'd only had 1 glass of red and ended up with 3 pins!!!

4) I moved to Australia from England and married an American I met on the way to Vanuatu

5) I never thought I'd have children but now have 2, the first was born when I was 40.

6) My grandad used to come to tea every Wednesday when I was a child and he used to give me embroidery lessons. He did the most amazing embroidery, I never was anywhere near up to his standard

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Donna said...

Well, if you're gonna tag me, you should at least make a link to my blog! I see mine listed but it's not a link!

knitsteel said...

I want to see your grandfather's embroidery.

Ok, you're the 2nd person to tag me since the last time I did this meme. I will start pondering it now. I always try to re-work it somehow. Maybe I'll post 6 pics of my own Granny's embroidery and somehow relate it back to things about myself..